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Pharaoh and His Dream: Part 1

August 9, 2018

In his biography of Douglas MacArthur, William Manchester describes him in this way: “His belief in . . . God was genuine, yet he seemed to worship only at the altar of himself. He never went to church, but regarded himself as one of the world’s two great defenders of Christendom (the other was the pope).” Powerful leaders often succumb to...

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  • Devotions August 9, 2018

Sound Doctrine and Timothy’s Ministry: Part 1

July 5, 2013

Sound Doctrine and Timothy’s Ministry: Part 1 A recent Barna Group study ranked “America’s Most Bible-Minded Cities.” Based on interviews with more than 40,000 Americans, the study named the top spot as a tie among Knoxville, TN; Shreveport, LA; and Chattanooga, TN. In general, Southern cities were the most Bible-minded, with New England...

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  • Devotions July 5, 2013

Family Reunion: Part 1

August 14, 2018

Joseph finally came face to face with his brothers after twenty long years. Undoubtedly, the memory of how they treated him came to the surface. But Joseph also remembered something else: the dreams that God had given him (v. 9).

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  • Devotions August 14, 2018

Closing Exhortations, Part 1

May 17, 2021

Daily devotional from Moody Bible Institute: A well-known quote from the gangster movie The Untouchables expresses a strong spirit of retaliation or revenge:...

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  • Christianity
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  • Redemption
  • Christ's Return May 17, 2021

Angels Good and Bad: War in Heaven

February 25, 2013

Angels Good and Bad: War in Heaven People who live in a war zone are well aware of the dangers they face every day. The evidence of deadly conflict is all around them. But spiritual warfare is different. Those who belong to Christ take part in a great battle against forces that remain largely unseen: “For our struggle is not against flesh...

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  • Devotions February 25, 2013

Question 3

February 1, 2019

Why did God create humanity as male and female (Gen. 1:26)? Question 3 One key question of the 21st century is what does it mean to be human. According to Gen. 1:26, God created two biological and anatomically distinct sexes, male and female. God created male and female with complementary biological and anatomical distinctions. (The details...

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  • Monthly Issues
  • Devotions
  • Q & A February 1, 2019

Jesus the Weary (Part 1)

February 3, 2016

An early threat to biblical teaching about the person and work of Jesus was the heresy that His human nature was not real; He only appeared to be human. This belief claimed that the muck and frailty of humanity would be unfitting for Christ’s divine nature. Ignatius, a Christian bishop in the region of Antioch during the early part of the...

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  • Devotions
  • Rest February 3, 2016

Devotion for August 1, 2005

August 1, 2005

Devotion for August 1, 2005 As Moses stood before the burning bush, he gave the Lord every excuse he could think of to get out of having to speak to Pharaoh about freeing Israel from captivity. But as God answered each objection, Moses discovered a powerful truth: when God calls people to do something, He enables them to do it. As the one...

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  • Devotions August 1, 2005

Devotion for March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009

Devotion for March 1, 2009 These days, English is the language of the entire world. In business, education, diplomacy, entertainment, and the media, it reigns supreme. One might find a Singaporean corporation negotiating with a Vietnamese supplier in English. Or a Brazilian businessman on a plane, reading a newspaper and watching a movie...

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  • Devotions March 1, 2009

Devotion for May 1, 2010

May 1, 2010

Devotion for May 1, 2010 New appliances in the 1950s promised housewives a new identity. A new washer or dryer, mint–green electric stove, or upright vacuum cleaner would define her as competent and accomplished—and in addition, make her happy. The allure of these shiny new household objects was short–lived. Beneath the glitz of a new Frigidaire...

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  • Devotions May 1, 2010


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