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Question and Answer

June 1, 2014

Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6? Question and Answer Many people wonder about the statement that “the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose” (Gen. 6:2). It is said that out of these unions came the Nephilim, a supposed race of giants that corrupted the earth (Gen. 6:4).

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  • Q & A June 1, 2014

Question and Answer

September 1, 2006

A friend committed suicide. One of my business partners says people who commit suicide go straight to hell. Is that what the Bible teaches? I need to know. Question and Answer Your partner’s conviction is an assumption, not a certainty based on the Bible. Hell was prepared for the Devil and his angels but, of course, it can and does accommodate...

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  • Q & A September 1, 2006

Question and Answer

April 1, 2011

What about people who are converted to Christ through dreams without the intervention of a missionary or an evangelist? Question and Answer Of course, there are some people in the world today who convert to Christ because God spoke to them in a dream or in some other extraordinary manner, and they have believed the gospel and trusted the...

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  • Q & A April 1, 2011

Question and Answer

February 1, 2006

I have been speaking with some local youth pastors about DJ dances in our city. Very often, at the local schools the dances have some less-than-virtuous music played. The dress attire for the students leaves something to be desired. My idea is to have Christian sponsored dances at the churches. The dances would be chaperoned by parents who...

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  • Q & A February 1, 2006

Question and Answer

November 1, 2011

Who are the Nephilim referred to in Genesis 6? Question and Answer This is a difficult passage about which Bible students are not in complete agreement. Some believe that the human race was corrupted by an influx of angelic beings. They believe that those who did this are the angels described in Jude, who are now chained in darkness because...

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  • Q & A November 1, 2011

Question and Answer

May 1, 2011

Who were the members of the “great cloud of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrews 12:1? I heard a Sunday school teacher say they are angels. Question and Answer Angels did indeed function as witnesses, though not in the precise sense indicated in Hebrews 12:1. The Scriptures record their appearances in many places in the Old Testament, as when...

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  • Q & A May 1, 2011

Question and Answer

February 1, 2008

I’ve heard some people preach that AIDS is a direct judgment from God against those who are homosexuals and whose life-practices are opposed to the law of God. Question and Answer I don’t think a simple yes or no would be adequate for this question. First, not everyone who has AIDS is homosexual. Innocent children are brought in the world...

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  • Q & A February 1, 2008

Question and Answer

April 1, 2005

Jesus teaches us to speak to God as Father, right? What about adults who address the Lord as "Daddy"? Are they out of line? Question and Answer Eccentric, I'd say, but possibly not out of line. They may have heard somewhere that the Aramaic word Abba found in three passages (Mark 14:36; Rom. 8:15; Gal. 4:6) was the term Jewish children used...

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  • Q & A April 1, 2005

Question and Answer: How Old is the Earth?

February 28, 2021

I am a devout Christian. However, I struggle with those who use the literal interpretation of the Bible to conclude that the earth and all of creation is only about 10,000 years old.

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  • Redemption February 28, 2021

Question and Answer

December 1, 2016

Why are the genealogies of Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke so different? Are there contradictions? Question and Answer The two genealogies empha- size different perspectives. The Gospel of Matthew tells the virgin-birth story from the perspective of Joseph, Jesus’ adoptive and legal father. The Gospel of Luke, on the other hand,...

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  • Q & A December 1, 2016


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