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Question and Answer

March 1, 2006

The heading of Psalm 34 says that the psalm was written “when [David] pretended to be insane before Abimelech, who drove him away.” But in 1 Samuel 21:13, Achish is said to be the Philistine king who drove David away. Is this confusion of names a typist’s error? Question and Answer Probably not. Abraham and Isaac had dealings with a king...

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  • Q & A March 1, 2006

Who Is this Jesus?

December 1, 2019

Who Is this Jesus? At Christmas, nativity scenes, Sunday School children’s plays, even carols like “Away in the Manger,” remind us that Christ was born as a baby. Because He is “fully human in every way,” Christ can understand and identify with our humanity. But we also know that He is fully God, making “atonement for the sins of the people”...

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  • Monthly Issues December 1, 2019

Question and Answer

January 1, 2014

I read in my quiet time about Elisha who cursed a group of kids who were making fun of his baldness. Wasn’t this an overkill for the prophet? Was the crime really worthy of that punishment? Question and Answer The truth is that Elisha didn’t curse them because they were making fun of him personally—it was because they were ridiculing the...

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  • Q & A January 1, 2014

Question and Answer

October 1, 2013

In Matthew 16:20, Christ tells His disciples not to say who He is. Was the reason that it was early in His ministry or was it because the time hadn’t come for them to say this before He was crucified? Question and Answer In answer to your question, the consensus among commentators is that this command was a necessary precaution for a particular...

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  • Q & A October 1, 2013

Question and Answer

August 1, 2006

Does the Bible say that God helps those who help themselves? Someone told me that the statement, “God helps those who help themselves” is not in the Bible, and that it was Benjamin Franklin who said it. Would you please tell me what the Bible says about this issue? Question and Answer Benjamin Franklin in his Poor Richard’s Almanac penned...

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  • Q & A August 1, 2006

Article Files - Curriculum Lab - Collections - Chicago | Library - Moody Bible Institute

August 30, 2016

List of Education Article Files in the Curriculum Lab August 30, 2016

Chosen by God for This Love

September 2, 2015

Chosen by God for This Love Today, 6.1 million women in the United States have trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that means nearly 10 percent of all women struggle with infertility. In Old Testament times, the barren wife had few social or cultural protections. Her husband...

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  • Devotions September 2, 2015

Question and Answer

February 1, 2012

Countless missionaries and their ministries report incidences of very godly people and their children who go to bed at night hungry. David said, “I was young and now am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread” (Ps. 37:25). How does this fit with the reality that some born-again people are hungry today?

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  • Q & A February 1, 2012

Question and Answer

September 1, 2011

Was Abraham a man of pure Jewish faith, or was it his mother who was a Jew? Question and Answer Neither Abraham nor his mother were Jewish. They were Chaldeans (Genesis 11:27). At the time, there were no Jews. However, Abraham became the father of Isaac, whose son Jacob had twelve sons, one of whom was Judah—from whom comes the word Jew.

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  • Q & A September 1, 2011

Put Back into Community: A Man Who Was Unclean

August 16, 2013

Put Back into Community: A Man Who Was Unclean At the close of 2002 and into 2003, the first dangerous communicable disease to emerge during the twenty-first century was Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS. Having originated in animal populations, SARS migrated to humans, crossed national borders and nearly became a pandemic. Symptoms...

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  • Devotions August 16, 2013


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