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About Moody

Through undergraduate colleges and seminaries, radio and media, and books and conferences, Moody Bible Institute is taking the truth and hope of Jesus Christ to all the world. Moody proclaims the gospel to the lost, equips Christians to flourish in their faith, and trains current and future leaders to boldly follow Christ however He calls them.

From the classroom to the internet and through radio, publishing, and media, Moody proclaims the good news of Jesus to people across the world.

Delivering practical, life-changing content grounded in God's Word, Moody media equips Christians to stand firm and thrive in their walk with Christ.

Through online, in-person, and audio education, Moody trains current and future leaders to shine the light of Christ for all cultures and generations.

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Moody exists to proclaim the gospel and equip people to be biblically grounded, practically trained, and to engage the world through gospel-centered living. In short, we prepare people for their purpose and calling!

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The gospel available for every person.

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Authority of God’s Word, Proclaiming the Gospel, Centrality of the Church, Priority of Prayer, Power of Grace, Practice of Integrity, Worth of the Individual, Living on Mission


Moody is comprised of five core ministries: Education, Radio, Publishing, Today in the Word, and Conferences. 

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Throughout its history Moody has held to the essentials of biblical orthodoxy. In addition, it has defined itself in other distinct ways in terms of more specific interpretations of Scripture.

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Moody's leadership team consists of our president, executive officers, vice presidents, and Board of Trustees. The Word of God guides everything we do as we seek God’s wisdom and will for each opportunity and decision that comes our way.


To advance our mission of proclaiming the gospel and equipping people to be biblically grounded, practically trained, and engaged in the world through gospel-centered living, Moody is committed to promoting diversity within our organization and externally with our partners in ministry. 
“As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe in the immense value and dignity of every person, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, age, or physical or socio-economic boundaries. As we live out God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ, we desire the Moody community to reflect God’s love, grace, and value for all people, to ’be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble’ (1 Peter 3:8).” 
 —Dr. Mark Jobe 
President, Moody Bible Institute



Since our founding in Chicago by evangelist D. L. Moody in 1886, Moody Bible Institute has trained and equipped men and women to impact the world for Christ.

Beginning with Emma Dryer, the teacher who inspired Moody to launch a Bible training school in Chicago, the history of Moody started in education with establishment of the Chicago Evangelical Society (pre-cursor to Moody Bible Institute) and later Moody Aviation.

Moody's far-reaching ministry soon expanded thanks to groundbreaking milestones in Christian media, from development of a major book publishing house to the launch of WMBI and Founder's Week. D. L. Moody's commitment to pursuing God's call on his life and his heart for making the gospel available to every person serve as the foundation for each of Moody's ministries.

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