Monthly Partner FAQs

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Thank you for being a Monthly Partner!

"Because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Philippians 1:5), we want to thank you for being part of a vital community of friends of Moody Bible Institute. Please see below for commonly asked questions about being a Monthly Partner! *Radio program-specific Monthly Partner information may vary by program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is a Monthly Partner?
A A Monthly Partner commits to support Moody (Moody Bible Institute, Moody Radio, Today in the Word) on a monthly basis. Consistent support from donors like you means we can provide continual, lasting impact for the kingdom. By becoming a Monthly Partner, you have joined a group of people who are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through advancing new technologies, innovative digital content, and continually improving ways to not only spread the gospel, but also personally know God and His Word more deeply.
Q What are the benefits of being a Monthly Partner?
A With your commitment to give monthly, you’ll receive:
  • A one-year subscription to Today in the Word, our daily devotional
  • Our annual Moody Scripture wall calendar
  • Inspire – our newsletter, mailed to your home twice a year
  • Helpful resources every quarter
  • Our monthly e-newsletter with spiritual encouragement
  • Regular updates on what God is accomplishing through your ministry of giving
  • Discounted purchases from Moody Publishers
Q How do I get the Monthly Partner benefits?
A After signing up to become a Monthly Partner, you will receive communications detailing how to register for your benefits (e-newsletters, daily devotions, mini-courses, and more). Throughout the year, special offers will be sent to you such as our annual Scripture Calendar, Moody Publisher books, and custom downloads to encourage you in your walk with Christ.
Q How do I get the 50% Moody Publishers discount?
A Your commitment to faithfully support Moody with your continued AutoGift of $30 a month or more unlocks exclusive savings with Moody Publishers. Enjoy 50% off Moody Publishers' entire product line through To use your Moody Publishers 50% discount, sign up or login to using the email you used when you first created an account. Once you log in, you will see the 50% discount reflected on each product, as well as in your shopping cart. The Moody Publishers discount is 50% off of the list price. You will continue to receive this benefit for the life of your AutoGift of $30 or more.
Q How do I support Moody as a Monthly Partner?
A To receive all Monthly Partner benefits, the best and easiest way to become a Monthly Partner is through an AutoGift. This ensures your consistent support of the ministries you believe in and allows us to take advantage of new ministry opportunities whenever they arise.
Q What is an AutoGift?
A An AutoGift is an easy, safe, and secure way to partner with Moody on a monthly basis. By providing your credit card or checking account, you can authorize The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago to make an automatic withdrawal from your account each month, to directly support Moody and its ministries.
Q How do I set up a new AutoGift?
A To set up an AutoGift, please visit the ministry you would like to support using the links below:

Become a Moody Radio Monthly Partner  →

Become a Moody Bible Institute Monthly Partner  →

Become a Today in the Word Monthly Partner  →

Q I already have an AutoGift. My card is about to expire or I changed my card. How do I update my AutoGift payment method?
A There are two ways to update your payment method:

ONLINE: Fill out our online form

PHONE: Call our Donor Resource Management Department Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CT at (877) 376-2194

Q How do I increase my Monthly Partner gift?
A You can update your monthly amount either online or on the phone.


Update your Moody Radio AutoGift  →

Update your Moody Bible Institute AutoGift  →

Update your Today in the Word AutoGift  →

PHONE: Call our Donor Resource Management Department Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. CT at (877) 376-2194
Q I'd like to decrease or cancel my Monthly Partner gift. How do I do that?
A You can decrease or cancel your monthly autogift either online or on the phone.

ONLINE: Submit an AutoGift Change Request
Include your name, address and instructions either to decrease or cancel your AutoGift. Our Donor Resource Management team will care for this within 5 business days.

PHONE: To make changes to an existing AutoGift or to cancel an AutoGift, please call our Donor Resource Management team at (877) 376-2194, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST.

Q I need to update my personal information. How do I do that?
A You can update your information online or by phone.

ONLINE: To update your email, phone or address, submit an Account Change request. We will update your account in five business days.  Please enter both your old information and the new information.

PHONE: Call our Donor Resource Management Department Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. CT at (877) 376-2194.

EMAIL: Email our Donor Resource Management team at

Q Who do I contact with questions about my Monthly Partner gift?
A If you have questions about your AutoGift, please call our Donor Resource Management team at (877) 376-2194, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. CST or email