Woman praying with her hands folded and head bowed

Ways You Can Pray for Moody

Asking God to work through Moody Bible Institute

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”—1 John 5:14
“He who kneels the most stands the best!”—D. L. Moody

Your prayers matter to God, to His kingdom, and to the ministries of Moody Bible Institute. Please find prayer needs grouped by ministry and category. Thank you for joining us in praying for God’s work in and through Moody.

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Pray for the students, faculty, and staff of Moody's educational venues:
Pray that Moody's academic institutions will stay faithful to the Word of God and to our roots while meeting the challenges of today's world.
Pray that Moody's undergraduate and graduate faculty may be encouraged and strengthened as they faithfully teach tomorrow's missionaries, pastors, communicators, educators, aviators, musicians, and leaders in ministry and the marketplace.
Ask the Lord to guide all of our students in their studies at Moody and to use their curriculum, training, and professors to prepare them for the next step in their journey with God.
Encourage in prayer Moody's online administration and instructors as they diligently serve online students across the globe.


Join Vice President Wes Ward in prayer for his teams at Moody Radio, as they bring biblical truth, hope, and encouragement to people around the world every day.
Remember in prayer the staff of 69 Moody Radio stations across the US as they bring the saving message of Christ to listeners. Pray for the station in your area.
Pray for wisdom and guidance for our digital channels, that they would plan programming each day that exalts God and draws listeners into a deeper relationship with Him.
Ask God for continued creativity, passion, and discernment as our radio ministry continues developing new and existing podcasts that reach audiences throughout the world with the truth of His Word.
Pray that God equips the hosts of our national and regional radio programs to deliver His truth with love, joy, wisdom, and compassion each week.


Moody Publishers reaches readers throughout the world with the truth of the Bible. Paul Santhouse, vice president of Moody Publishers, welcomes prayers for him and his editorial, production, and marketing teams.
Pray that Moody Publishers Military will meet the spiritual needs of the men and women serving our nation’s armed forces and their families.
Ask God to guide the handiwork of Moody Publishers authors each day and that they would seek Him and His wisdom above all else.
Pray that the Lord will lead new authors to Moody Publishers who are dedicated to writing books and resources aligned with His truth and character.
Pray that God would divinely direct Moody Publishers leadership as they explore new avenues for resourcing the church’s work around the world.


Pray for the planning, teaching, and impact of Moody’s annual conferences, including:
Pray that people will not only learn deeply about Christ at Moody’s conferences but will also have a personal encounter with Him.
Pray that all of our conferences will encourage and grow attendees in biblically based faith and in their walk with Jesus.
Ask God to equip, encourage, and strengthen each conference speaker to teach accurately and compellingly from His Word.
Pray for patience, peace, and contentment as organizers plan and prepare for conferences and for focus on honoring King Jesus through everything they do.

Today in the Word

Pray for the Today in the Word team of authors and editors. Ask God to guide everything they do, from the selection of topics to the proofreading of copy.
May God help the Today in the Word team keep every written word grounded in God’s Word. Pray that this devotional will communicate clearly so that readers’ lives will be changed by the power of Scripture and they will grow in faith.
Pray for every reader who sees Today in the Word on social media, subscribes to the daily email, downloads the digital app, or listens to the podcast. Thank God for the technology that enables this devotional to reach readers and listeners in more than 195 countries. May they know God and His Word and may it draw them closer to Him.
Thank God for helping all of the links in the delivery chain to operate correctly so that God’s Word goes forward to more than 950,000 readers every day.
As Moody Bible Institute faculty write our Bible studies each month, ask the Holy Spirit to grow them in their love for God and their understanding of His Word so they can freshly and winsomely communicate biblical truth to our audiences.

Moody Leadership

Pray that as an organization Moody will lay all of our plans at God’s feet and seek to make the gospel available to every person.
Pray that the men and women that God has chosen to lead Moody will clearly hear His voice and guidance throughout this year. Pray that they will be a united team in spirit and that they will be focused on furthering Moody’s mission in the US and worldwide.
Pray for Moody’s president, Dr. Mark Jobe. Ask God to keep sharpening Dr. Jobe’s spiritual focus for the future of Moody and show him the best course for our three main areas of ministry: education, radio, and publishing.
Pray for God’s leading and direction for Moody’s board of trustees in every decision they make about the future of Moody’s ministries.
Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment for Moody’s provost, Dr. Dwight Perry, and leadership team to implement the vision and message of Moody’s education ministry in our changing world.

Ministry Support

Pray with thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness to Moody since 1886.
Pray for God’s continued provision as He supplies world-class training for our students through His people.
Pray with gratitude for those who have been obedient to God’s leading through the years to support His work at Moody through prayer and the resources He has given them.
Pray for our ministry partners who aren’t able to contribute financially, that they will know they are deeply appreciated and valued for their prayerful support of God’s work at Moody.
Pray that Moody supporters will be sensitive to God’s leading as they give from the resources He has entrusted them to steward.