The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our Christian faith.[1] This event, which occurred almost two thousand years ago, is the best attested fact in human history and experience. The resurrection of Christ was predicted in the Old Testament and by Christ Himself.[2] During the forty days following His resurrection, Jesus showed Himself to be alive from the dead by "many infallible proofs."[3] He appeared at various times and places to many people who told others what they had seen.[4]

Christ's resurrection has been at the heart of the church's message from the Day of Pentecost to the present. By rising from the dead, Jesus Christ demonstrated that He had cleansed the guilt of our past and is able to help us in our present lives.[5] His resurrection assures us that our future is safe and secure.[6] Without Christ's resurrection we would have no salvation from sin, and no hope for our own future resurrection.

The empty tomb is proof of Christ's deity.[7] It guarantees the future resurrection of believers.[8] The resurrection of Christ also provides believers with spiritual power today.[9] The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is evidence that God will one day judge the world in righteousness.[10]