Moody Bible Institute forms strategic educational partnership with Converge MidAmerica

05 October, 2023
Students listening to a professor in a classroom

Moody Bible Institute has formed a strategic educational partnership with Converge MidAmerica, an association of approximately 700 Christian churches. Through the agreement, congregational leaders and church members will be able to enroll in all continuing education, undergraduate school and seminary programs at a reduced cost.

“We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to opportunities it will provide for our pastors, lay leaders and students of God’s Word to be better equipped to bring the hope of Jesus to our ever changing world,” said Gary Rohrmayer, president of Converge of MidAmerica. “As a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, I have longed for this opportunity to become a reality.”

Gary Rohrmayer, President of Converge

"President of Converge MidAmerica, Gary Rohrmayer"

Members of Converge MidAmerica churches will receive tuition awards for a wide range of Moody educational programs, including the following:

“The heart and soul of Moody is to equip people to be biblically grounded,” said Dr. Dwight Perry, Moody’s provost and dean of education. “Converge MidAmerica has a long, rich history and we are humbled to join with them in helping prepare leaders and members as they continue to equip people to be practically trained and to engage the world through gospel-centered living to follow Jesus.”

Church leaders and members of Converge MidAmerica who are interested in pursuing academic opportunities at Moody, should email the Moody Partnership Team at

About Converge MidAmerica

Converge MidAmerica ( is part of an evangelical Baptist Christian denomination in the United States. Formerly known as the Baptist General Conference (BGC), Converge MidAmerica is affiliated with the Baptist World Alliance and the National Association of Evangelicals. Converge MidAmerica for many years along with parent Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference) is known for its aggressive focus on reaching the lost through the planting of biblically centered, mission focused new congregations.

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