Moody Radio’s Popular CarSeat Questions Podcast Returns for Third Season

01 April, 2024
Lauren and Eddie Cuevas of the CarSeat Questions podcast

Back by popular demand, Moody Radio’s CarSeat Questions podcast recently launched its third season on Wednesday, March 27, with more real questions and honest faith answers for kids, parents and families.

Featuring Moody grads and husband-wife team, Lauren and Eddie Cuevas, CarSeat Questions airs every Wednesday and tackles common parenting questions, specifically the questions that toddlers ask from the back seat (or car seat) of the car.

“Kids think profoundly and deeply about the same things we do but just aren’t jaded enough or nervous enough to ask them,” said Lauren. “It has been a lesson for us to just ask the hard questions even if we think we will sound silly; they are important, life-changing questions, and being curious is a good thing.”

Hosts Lauren and Eddie, who have two sons–a three-year-old named Trey and six-month old named Ellis–bring a fresh, millennial parenting perspective to each episode as they offer an honest approach to the faith-related challenges associated with raising children in today’s world.

When the podcast was in its discovery phase, Lauren and Eddie surveyed a group of parents to find out what parents were actually experiencing, and what types of questions kids were asking. “What has most surprised us is how profound and deep the questions they ask are—but also how blunt they are,” Lauren said. “Adults have the same questions; we are just too nervous to ask them!”

Listeners will join Lauren and Eddie as they explore family topics, interview parenting experts, and share relatable answers to the faith questions that often emerge during car trips. Packaged in a 30-minute podcast, CarSeat Questions dives deep into everyday issues facing young parents today.

With the range of topics covered on the podcast, the couple says their education at Moody Bible Institute helped equip them with biblical knowledge for the podcast.

“Lauren and I are both Moody alumni. In fact, we met at school,” said Eddie. “My time as a student there helped me understand that Christ is far more approachable than I could have ever understood. That knowledge helps me think critically and ask questions through the lens of context and, ultimately, love.”

Through a conversational, lighthearted approach, CarSeat Questions helps listeners explore thought-provoking questions and seeks biblical answers about parenting in today’s culture.

But don’t let the lighthearted tone fool you. The podcast dives deep into big issues. “I feel confident about talking with our guests about the tough questions we will face as parents,” said Eddie. The podcast is designed to help everyone navigate the conversations they are having—or soon will have—with their children.

“Just like Lauren and I, other parents are trying to do their best with what they know. I am continuously learning how to be a better husband and how to love Lauren unconditionally,” said Eddie. “That understanding helps me guide and teach our sons about what it means to love God above all and to love others as himself.”

Whether they’re talking with experts about cognitive, emotional or spiritual development, interracial adoption, kids and screens, kids and suffering, or even the tough topic of divorce, Lauren and Eddie bring a caring, loving tone to encourage others as they walk by faith in a modern world.

And the couple’s ministry training at Moody continues to be a foundational part of their work at home, work, and with the podcast.

“My education at Moody has equipped me for so many areas of life. In this particular season, I am seeing my Bible and theology training come heavily into play for our podcast,” Lauren says. “My education has allowed me to ask the right questions of our experts, but more importantly, it has equipped me to train up our sons with a high view of Christ and answers for their Bible and theology questions as they get older.”

No topic is off the table. By tackling challenging issues like sin, evil, or even time spent with screens, CarSeat Questions is a great place to get answers to a child’s tough questions.

“Parents want to do right by their kids,” said Eddie. “As a father, I am eager to continue learning how to be a better role model for our son and equally excited to come alongside other parents as we navigate how to talk to our children in an age-appropriate yet biblically sound way.”

Learn more about the CarSeat Questions podcast and stream it on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or digitally.

Car Seat Questions

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