Moody Theological Seminary Center for Advanced Global Leadership Studies Launches

13 June, 2024

The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago announced today the formation of the Moody Theological Seminary Center for Advanced Global Leadership Studies.

With the aim of inspiring and equipping both current and aspiring leaders within their respective settings, the Center will offer advanced seminars, mentoring, thought-provoking lectures, leadership assessment tools and much more.

“Now more than ever there is a need for biblically-trained leaders who will lead with boldness, compassion and integrity,” said Dr. Dwight Perry, provost of Moody Bible Institute. “Moody has a storied history of raising up leaders, ministry professionals, pastors, nonprofit executives and global leaders to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Our aim with the Center for Advanced Global Leadership Studies based in our seminary is to equip Christ-centered leaders worldwide with the knowledge, skills and character essential for transformative and visionary biblical leadership.”

Dr. Perry is transitioning from his role as Provost to serve as a professor of homiletics and leadership, as well as chair of the field of Applied Theology. In addition to his role as chair, he will also serve as the inaugural executive director of the Center for Advanced Global Leadership Studies. Dr. Perry is the author or general editor of eight books in such areas as homiletics, leadership transition, organizational renewal and African American church history. As a veteran of 44 plus years of full-time vocational ministry, he also holds the distinction of being the first African American in the history of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to earn a Ph.D. in any discipline.

Darryl Bogard

With today’s announcement, Moody has also named Darryl Bogard as program coordinator of the Center. Mr. Bogard comes to Moody after more than 24 years with the Illinois State Police, where he retired as Captain.

This new Center will be housed in Moody Theological Seminary on the Chicago campus along with the Center for Compelling Biblical Preaching, which was announced earlier this year. The Center focuses on leadership studies and practice and will embark upon a five-year strategic vision by launching several key educational initiatives and ministry training programs, including the following:

  • Three, half-day workshops each year focused on leading with purpose, organizational dynamics, and more.
  • Nine, one-hour webinars aimed at providing skills and knowledge necessary to lead effectively.
  • Collaboration with MTS faculty to develop four DMin courses that are part of the executive leadership and management emphasis.
  • A global pastoral leadership mentoring and coaching program will commence in 2025 with the focus on providing continuous guidance and resources for those serving in leadership roles.
  • Three conferences over a five-year period will be held on global leadership to provide a deeper understanding of leadership within a biblical framework and its relevance to contemporary issues and challenges.
  • Annually, the Center will publish a compilation of in-depth essays that analyze and provide expert perspectives that will guide ministry leaders worldwide in adapting, innovating and thriving in an ever-changing world.

In addition to these core initiatives, the Center will also establish and make available online leadership resources and media support as well as ongoing networking opportunities for leaders. Participants in the Center can choose to participant in any of the stand-alone events or conferences or they may choose to sign up for an annual membership fee which will give them access to all the resources produced by the center at either no or a reduced cost.

The overall theme for the 2024 webinars is “Leadership from the Inside Out.” The first webinar is scheduled for July 8, 2024, and is entitled, “Theological Foundations: An In-Depth Look at the Servant Leader Model of Leadership.” The webinar will feature vice president and dean of Moody Theological Seminary, Dr. Winfred Neely. For more information about the webinar and to register,  please visit the Center’s webinar web page.

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