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A God Who Is Not Senseless

October 22, 2017

A God Who Is Not Senseless Our senses provide the basis for engaging the world around us. It might be easy to recognize the contributions made by some of the senses. Sight allows us to avoid danger and find food; we use hearing to communicate with others or perceive important sounds such as a baby crying. The sense of smell seems comparatively...

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  • Devotions
  • Creation October 22, 2017

Heavenly Reward

May 29, 2020

Bonnie Ware spent years caring for patients in the last weeks of their lives. The nurse wrote a blog post titled “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying,” which went viral and was later turned into a book. Among those regrets were: “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself” and “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”

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  • Devotions May 29, 2020

God Took on Flesh to Be with Us

June 12, 2012

God Took on Flesh to Be with Us In the War on Terror, the U.S. Navy SEALs have been utilized in many covert operations. In one of these operations, the SEALs, flown in by helicopter, stormed the room where American hostages were being held captive, finding the hostages terrified, curled up in a corner. When they beckoned the hostages to leave,...

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  • Devotions June 12, 2012

God Hears My Cry

September 15, 2019

God Hears My Cry As Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem, He encountered ten lepers who begged Him for healing. Jesus answered their request, and in accordance with Mosaic Law, instructed the men to show themselves to the priest who would declare them clean. Even so, only one man returned to give praise to God and thank Jesus for His healing...

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  • Devotions September 15, 2019

A Stern Love: His Love Demands Allegiance

September 14, 2015

A Stern Love: His Love Demands Allegiance The Pledge of Allegiance was written in August 1892 by minister Francis Bellamy and formally adopted by Congress in 1942. The words “under God” were added to the Pledge in 1954. Today, United States citizens continue to place their right hand over their heart and pledge their allegiance “to the Flag...

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  • Devotions September 14, 2015

A Driving Rain That Leaves No Crops

April 27, 2013

A Driving Rain That Leaves No Crops Arloa Sutter understood the biblical mandate of the gospel to address spiritual and physical needs. She founded Breakthrough Urban Ministries in 1992 by opening up a room in a church to offer hot coffee and a meal to homeless people in the area. Today, Breakthrough operates two homeless shelters, a youth...

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  • Devotions April 27, 2013

A Call to Faith

October 24, 2018

A Call to Faith At a sports league Hall of Fame, visitors can learn about the history of the sport, see memorabilia such as old balls and equipment, and acknowledge the accomplishments of the players and coaches who are honored for their exceptional achievements. In a similar way, Hebrews 11 offers its own list of exceptional men and women...

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  • Devotions October 24, 2018

Devotion for Aug. 05, 2004

August 5, 2004

Devotion for Aug. 05, 2004 Devotion for Aug. 05, 2004 Several verses of the classic hymn, “Trust and Obey,” highlight the pleasant restfulness of abiding in Christ: “Not a shadow can rise, not a cloud in the skies, but His smile quickly drives it away; Not a doubt nor a fear, not a sigh nor a tear can abide while we trust and obey. But we...

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  • Devotions August 5, 2004

Devotion for January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008

Devotion for January 15, 2008 British poet Christina Rossetti once prayed for humility: “Eternal God, let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; that as he from his loftiness stooped to the death of the cross, so we in our lowliness may humble ourselves, believing, obeying, living and dying, for his name’s sake.” Humility imitates...

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  • Devotions January 15, 2008

Devotion for Jan. 16, 2011

January 16, 2011

Devotion for Jan. 16, 2011 One day, a man asked Jesus to settle a family financial dispute: “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.” Instead, Jesus warned His listeners: “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” He then told a parable about...

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  • Devotions January 16, 2011


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