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Why Blood?

April 8, 2018

Why Blood? A classmate of Billy Sunday, hymn writer Lewis Jones (1865–1936) attended Moody Bible Institute. Upon graduation, he worked for the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), and at a camp meeting in Maryland he wrote the words to the hymn, “There Is Power in the Blood.” Would you be free from the burden of sin? There’s power in...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 8, 2018

The Blessing of Forgiveness

April 10, 2018

The Blessing of Forgiveness After buying her morning paper, Patricia Machin returned home to learn that her husband had been killed by a careless driver. Following the accident, she wrote a letter offering forgiveness to the driver, Brian Williamson: “However bad this accident was for me, I realize it was 1,000 times worse for you.” Patricia...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 10, 2018

Staying Angry

April 12, 2018

Staying Angry Is it possible to stay angry forever? Two German families in a suburb of Munich installed a twelve-foot-high fence topped with barbed wire and security cameras to separate their properties. The feud, which lasted fourteen years, between the Bensch and the Kern families started because one family planted an elderberry bush too...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 12, 2018

An Incredible Credit

April 13, 2018

An Incredible Credit Credit cards have become an integral part of our modern economy. Every day, millions of Americans purchase groceries, furniture, and cars on credit. That purchase becomes a debt with a promise to pay back the lender. Maybe it should be called a “debt card”! In contrast, when you receive a credit to your account, it adds...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 13, 2018

Jesus Teaches Us to Forgive

April 15, 2018

Jesus Teaches Us to Forgive To be forgiven changes us. Nelson Mandela spent decades imprisoned by his political enemies. Upon his release in 1994, he chose to devote his life to helping the people of South Africa forgive one another: “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 15, 2018

A Father Forgives

April 18, 2018

A Father Forgives Evangelist D. L. Moody said his brother left home at age 15 in order to seek his fortune. Moody remembered his mother waiting for her son’s return, even setting a chair for him at Thanksgiving dinner. “I used to think she loved him more than all the rest of us put together,” Moody said. Many years later, a stranger came...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 18, 2018

Rescued from Darkness

April 23, 2018

Rescued from Darkness In August 2010, 33 men became trapped in a copper-gold mine in the Atacama Desert in Chile. They spent 69 days trapped 2,300 feet below ground. On October 13, 2010, the men were rescued, brought to the surface one at a time while an estimated one billion people around the world watched. A British newspaper reported,...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 23, 2018

The Path of Forgiveness

April 28, 2018

The Path of Forgiveness After a gunman killed 26 worshipers at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the pastor preached a message of forgiveness. Pastor Frank Pomeroy, whose teenage daughter had also been killed in the attack, said, “We have the freedom to take that building that was attacked, transform it with the love of God...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 28, 2018

Forgive as the Lord Forgave You

April 30, 2018

Today in the Word |Daily Devotional Forgive as the Lord Forgave You The gospel song, “He’s Alive,” popularized by the Gaither Vocal Band, dramatizes the moment when Peter found forgiveness. Suddenly the air was filled with a strange and sweet perfume, Light that came from everywhere drove shadows from the room, Jesus stood before me with...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 30, 2018

The Faithful Witness

May 1, 2018

The Faithful Witness Today we are beginning a study of what many consider to be the most challenging book in the Bible: the book of Revelation. Martin Luther was so puzzled by this book that he questioned whether it should even be a part of Scripture. John Calvin never wrote a commentary on Revelation. But both Christians and non-Christians...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Revelation May 1, 2018


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