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Devotion for Feb. 12, 2004

February 12, 2004

Devotion for Feb. 12, 2004 According to a 2002 national survey, the average American household carries $9,000 per month in credit card debt. One credit counseling service said that many of its clients have over $75,000 worth of credit card debt spread over a dozen credit cards. It’s no wonder that other polls indicate that one of the leading...

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  • Devotions February 12, 2004

Disappointment and Complaining

October 14, 2013

Disappointment and Complaining A July 1, 2003 article in Psychology Today argues that depression can be contagious. “Like the flu, depression is a highly contagious disorder that can be transmitted socially,” the article’s author Ellen McGrath observes. “It is especially apt to take up residence in a household, jumping from one family member...

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  • Devotions October 14, 2013

Envying the Wicked

October 19, 2013

Envying the Wicked Author F. Scott Fitzgerald observed, “Nothing is as obnoxious as other people’s luck.” The author of Psalm 73 would probably disagree. He would say that the success of the wicked is even more grating. This psalm is attributed to Asaph, a Levite and one of David’s chief musicians. Although we know nothing about the specific...

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  • Devotions October 19, 2013

When You Feel Cheated by God

October 21, 2013

When You Feel Cheated by God In Bill Watterson’s cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes, the little boy Calvin likes to play a game with his stuffed tiger Hobbes called CalvinBall. Its main feature is that Calvin gets to make up the rules as he goes along. Jeremiah might have felt as if God was playing a similar game with his life. In today’s passage...

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  • Devotions October 21, 2013

When God Shows Up Late

October 24, 2013

When God Shows Up Late In the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, the two main characters Vladimir and Estragon wait for someone named Godot who never shows up. Many have suggested that unseen character Godot represents God. At one point Vladimir asks a boy who passes by what Godot does. The boy tells him, “He does nothing, sir.” God...

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  • Devotions October 24, 2013

When You Need to Start Over

October 27, 2013

When You Need to Start Over Deja vu is a French phrase that means “already seen.” It describes that uncanny sense of familiarity we sometimes have when going through an experience for the first time. Scientists think that one explanation for this phenomenon is that the mind recognizes the patterns of things around us by comparing them to...

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  • Devotions October 27, 2013

When Leaders Fail

October 28, 2013

When Leaders Fail Ralph Waldo Emerson observed, “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” When it comes to leadership, he might also have said that our chief want is someone who will show us what we should be. We expect our leaders to be better than we are. This is especially true in the church, where...

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  • Devotions October 28, 2013

God Protects Us

January 13, 2020

God Protects Us On her daily Moody Radio program, Janet Parshall addresses cultural issues through a biblical lens. Based in Washington, D.C., Parshall is known for her unflinching look at complex topics. When asked about her favorite Bible verse, Parshall responded, “I will say of the Lord, ‘My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust’”...

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  • Devotions January 13, 2020

The Only God

January 16, 2020

The Only God Jonathan Edwards was a philosopher, theologian, pastor, and president of Princeton University. Although he became a prominent leader of the First Great Awakening when thousands surrendered their lives to Christ, Edwards never sought the pulpit. One interesting fact: his original passion was studying insects! As a young man, Edwards...

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  • Devotions January 16, 2020

In Christ Alone

January 17, 2020

In Christ Alone “In Christ Alone” by Stuart Townend, Keith Getty, and Kristyn Getty has quickly become a favorite worship song around the world. After receiving the melody from Keith, Stuart immediately felt it had an “eternal, enduring aspect.” He thought the lyrics should be about “Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and what that means...

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  • Devotions January 17, 2020


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