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Question and Answer

May 1, 2019

We all sin, but after asking Jesus for forgiveness for our sins, what if we then turn around and commit that exact sin the next day or a week later and ask for forgiveness again? Does Jesus forgive us every time we ask for forgiveness, even if we commit the same sin over and over? Question and Answer The great news of the gospel is that...

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  • Q & A May 1, 2019

Questions and Answers | Being a Better Listener

April 1, 2022

When someone is confiding in me, I often find myself distracted. How can I be a better listener in my relationships with my family and friends?

  • Topics:
  • Q & A
  • Sovereignty
  • Sin
  • Justice
  • Jeremiah
  • Judgment
  • Relationships April 1, 2022

Question and Answer

August 1, 2018

Is there a biblical position about immigration? Question and Answer In the Old Testament, Israel was instructed in Leviticus to treat the alien and strangers among them as natives, and to love them as themselves, since they were once foreigners in the land of Egypt (Ex. 22:21; 23:9). Indeed, the Lord instructed them: “The foreigner residing...

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  • Q & A August 1, 2018

Question and Answer | Writer of Genesis

May 1, 2021

Daily devotional questions and answers from Moody Bible Institute: Who wrote the Genesis account of creation?

  • Topics:
  • Q & A
  • Creation May 1, 2021

Questions and Answers | Does the Holy Spirit Leave People?

May 1, 2022

Questions and Answers from Moody Bible Institute: Does the Holy Spirit leave people when they renounce their faith in Jesus?

  • Topics:
  • Q & A
  • Joy
  • Salvation
  • Hope
  • Gratitude
  • Redemption
  • Psalms
  • Sorrow
  • Comfort May 1, 2022

Question and Answer

November 1, 2019

Why couldn't Esau find repentance for what he had done? Was his heart hardened beyond repair, or was his motive unforgivable? Question and Answer Your question is based on Hebrews 12:17 which says of Esau, “For you know that even afterwards, when he desired to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though...

  • Topic:
  • Q & A November 1, 2019

Question and Answer

March 1, 2019

Many believers teach eternal security. But when I think about how sinful I am, I frequently worry that I could lose my salvation. What should I think about this? Question and Answer We should always strive to think biblically about these issues. While some biblical passages might have led good and godly people to believe that salvation can...

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  • Q & A March 1, 2019

Questions and Answers | The Account of Creation

March 1, 2022

Questions and Answers with Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Moody Bible Institute: Who wrote the Genesis account of Creation?

  • Topics:
  • Q & A
  • Grace
  • Obedience
  • Love
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Women
  • Redemption
  • God's Faithfulness
  • Biblical Leader
  • Wisdom March 1, 2022

Question and Answer

March 1, 2018

In Romans 7, Paul talks about his struggle: when he wants to be good, he does just the opposite. Whenever I read this passage, I think that if Paul can’t live the kind of godly life he desires, how in the world can I? What he really wants to do he cannot, and what he hates doing, he does anyway. This doesn’t inspire me! What am I supposed...

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  • Q & A March 1, 2018

Question And Answer

June 1, 2018

Does Exodus 21:22 teach that an unborn baby does not have the same rights of a fully living human person? Question And Answer Some have argued that the Law of Moses seems to treat an unborn child as less than a fully living person. The 1977 version of the NASV translation says, “And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with...

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  • Q & A June 1, 2018


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