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The Measure of God's Wrath

May 23, 2018

The Measure of God's Wrath Many churches today want to give people a good experience. They want visitors to feel at home. The music is catchy and the sermon upbeat. This is understandable—we want visitors to return and members to stay involved. But if this is all we care about, we will rarely talk about God’s wrath. Today’s text offers a...

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  • Devotions
  • Revelation May 23, 2018

Created in the Image of God

June 1, 2012

Created in the Image of God In the ancient near east, reigning kings were thought to rule on behalf of a particular god. That human king was thought to reflect the image of a nation’s god. It’s how they knew what a god was like. The first chapter of Genesis announces that every human being has been created in the image of God. This truth,...

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  • Devotions June 1, 2012

Strategy of Temptation: Incriminate God’s Character

March 7, 2013

Strategy of Temptation: Incriminate God’s Character Steve Jobs left a legacy of innovation at Apple. From the iPod and the iPhone to the iPad, he launched products that have changed the way we live. Even now, Apple’s products continue to get faster and smaller, lighter and smarter. Customers line up around the block to buy the latest versions.

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  • Devotions March 7, 2013

In Praise of God’s Work

July 4, 2014

In Praise of God’s Work God’s creative activity is twice described in Genesis as “his work.” In his commentary on the first half of this epic opening book of the Bible, scholar Victor Hamilton notes that the Old Testament has two words for labor: “The second word emphasizes labor that is raw and unskilled. The first—and the one used here—designated...

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  • Devotions July 4, 2014

The Treasure of God’s Word

June 17, 2019

The Treasure of God’s Word The Perahu Pustaka, or Book Boat, is a unique mobile library in Indonesia. A journalist decided to combine his love of boats and books by building a baqgo, a small sailboat, that takes 4,000 children’s books per trip to villages where literacy is low and pleasure of reading is unknown. When the boat arrives, kids...

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  • Devotions June 17, 2019

Strategy of Temptation: Undermine God’s Authority

March 6, 2013

Strategy of Temptation: Undermine God’s Authority The deaf community is one of the largest unreached groups. Fewer than 1 percent of deaf people call themselves Christians. Because the deaf cannot be reached by traditional means, the church has to think creatively and strategically to reach the millions of deaf people around the world. The...

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  • Devotions March 6, 2013

Covenant: God’s Good Work of Rescue

May 4, 2012

Covenant: God’s Good Work of Rescue Charles Haddon Spurgeon ended his sermon on January 24, 1861, with these words: "An unholy Church! It is of no use to the world, and of no esteem among men. Oh, it is an abomination, hell’s laughter, heaven’s abhorrence. And the larger the Church, the more influential, the worst nuisance does it become,...

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  • Devotions May 4, 2012

Faithfulness: The Unfailing Promise of God

June 23, 2013

Faithfulness: The Unfailing Promise of God “He’s a chip off the old block.” “She’s just like her mother.” So we comment on the striking similarities between children and their parents. Sometimes they bear uncanny resemblance to one another physically: a son has the same cowlick as his father; a daughter and mother both have the same posture.

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  • Devotions June 23, 2013

God Appoints Times for Rhythms of Life

February 4, 2014

God Appoints Times for Rhythms of Life To commemorate the end of hostilities in World War I, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11 as Armistice Day, to be celebrated with parades and public festivals. In 1954, Congress renamed the holiday Veterans Day. The purpose, according to the Veterans Administration, is “to honor America’s...

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  • Devotions February 4, 2014

God the Father of Jesus Christ

June 2, 2016

God the Father of Jesus Christ An early doctrinal challenges faced by the church involved its teaching about the relationship between God the Father and Jesus Christ. What did the Bible mean when it spoke of “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (v.3)? We use this language in the physical world to mean one person—the father— who existed...

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  • Devotions June 2, 2016


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