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From Islam to Jesus

December 29, 2020

Perry and Shawna Mornings

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It’s the beautiful story of Ali’s journey from Islam to Jesus.  Perry met Ali at a missions gathering in Thailand in 2017 and captured his story there.  First Ali shares what it was like growing up as a Muslim in the Middle East, how he and his family were persecuted by strict Muslims because his family wasn’t... December 29, 2020

Question and Answer

December 1, 2013

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Since both Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions, what is wrong in claiming that we believe in the same God? Question and Answer This question has particular relevance in our world today. At first glance, the answer might appear to be “yes”: both religions affirm that God is the...

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  • Q & A December 1, 2013

Hour 1: Wholly Different - Hour 2: Free Grace

September 30, 2020

In the Market with Janet Parshall

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Our guest today says Western countries are ignorant of true Islamic values. She is an Egyptian-American, former-Muslim human rights activist who is frustrated with mainstream America's talk of tolerance and assimilation. She joins us to set non-Muslims straight about tenets of Islam that are incompatible with free society. Concerned that... September 30, 2020

Samuel Naaman

July 1, 2001

Moody Bible Institute faculty profile for Samuel Naaman. July 1, 2001

Question and Answer

June 1, 2017

Do Christians, Jews, and Muslims all pray to the same God? The Pope said we do, and in my conversations I find that people seem puzzled and divided on the issue. Question and Answer The “same God” question is creating a lot of confusion in the Christian community. Pope Francis has asserted that Christians, Muslims, and Jews worship the same...

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  • Q & A June 1, 2017

God Will Provide a Lamb

July 23, 2021

Daily devotional from Moody Bible Institute: If you visit Jerusalem you can see the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine built in the...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Salvation
  • Deliverance
  • Obedience
  • Love
  • Jesus
  • Redemption
  • God's Faithfulness July 23, 2021

Attributes of God: Unity

July 1, 2004

Theology_Matters Attributes of God: Unity As different as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are, they do have one thing in common. Each affirms that there is only one God. Christians, however, believe that the one God exists in a unity of three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the eyes of Judaism and Islam, this belief amounts to...

  • Topic:
  • Practical Theology July 1, 2004

Devotion for June 23, 2005

June 23, 2005

Devotion for June 23, 2005 Prayer is one of the pillars of Islamic faith, a practice required of devout Muslims five times a day. One of the particular details to be observed is that prayers should be offered while kneeling and facing the direction of the Islamic holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a practice some scholars believe is done in...

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  • Devotions June 23, 2005

Hope in God’s Faithfulness

January 10, 2015

Hope in God’s Faithfulness Sunni extremists sometimes called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) made headlines in 2014 when they began torturing and beheading religious minorities, including Christians. They destroyed churches and dispersed Christian communities in Iraq that had worshiped for centuries. Where is the hope for the Christians...

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  • Devotions January 10, 2015

Ninevites: Taught Jonah True Repentance

December 16, 2014

Ninevites: Taught Jonah True Repentance The bombing of the tomb of Jonah made international headlines recently. Acknowledged as a prophet within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Jonah is traditionally thought to be buried in Mosul, Iraq, not far from Nineveh. The spot was marked by a shrine and a mosque, but in July it was destroyed by a...

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  • Devotions December 16, 2014


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