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April 29, 2019
April 29, 2019

Devotion for May 04, 2004

May 4, 2004

Devotion for May 04, 2004 “Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight.” So begins the prophecy about the great lion in the book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C. S. Lewis. When the children in the story entered Narnia, they discovered a land ruled by the White Witch, where it was always winter and never Christmas. But the mere...

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  • Devotions May 4, 2004

Devotion for May 07, 2004

May 7, 2004

Devotion for May 07, 2004 For just under $200,000, an Arizona foundation will arrange for a person’s remains to be preserved by cryonics, a chemically treated freezing process, immediately after death. The funds are also designated to pay for the revitalizing procedure, which will commence as soon as three scientific advances have been discovered:...

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  • Devotions May 7, 2004

Devotion for May 12, 2004

May 12, 2004

Devotion for May 12, 2004 During the reign of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia, Vladimir Lenin was arrested multiple times for his radical conduct, but he emerged as a powerful new leader after the October Revolution. After Lenin died, Joseph Stalin, son of a shoemaker, took the Soviet helm. All three rulers had one thing in common—their...

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  • Devotions May 12, 2004

Devotion for May 14, 2004

May 14, 2004

Devotion for May 14, 2004 After reading the first four chapters of Ecclesiastes, one might assume that Solomon didn’t have much experience relating to God—he talks about God in somewhat impersonal terms. So it’s important that we remind ourselves that God spoke directly to Solomon on a number of occasions. In tomorrow’s reading, Ecclesiastes...

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  • Devotions May 14, 2004

Devotion for May 20, 2004

May 20, 2004

Devotion for May 20, 2004 Shakespeare’s Hamlet had issues. In quite possibly the most famous soliloquy in any play, he asks the question, “To be, or not to be?” He had reached the point that many people come to when he wondered if it was better to suffer the pains of life or to end them altogether. But for Hamlet, the rub was the unknown.

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  • Devotions May 20, 2004

Devotion for May 24, 2004

May 24, 2004

Devotion for May 24, 2004 Eliot Ness, the well-known lawman who brought Al Capone to justice, never enjoyed financial success. Even as his crime-fighting career continued after such a remarkable achievement, he and his family had to settle for common means. How humbling it must have been to see the criminals he chased enjoy riches beyond...

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  • Devotions May 24, 2004

Devotion for May 01, 2008

May 1, 2008

Devotion for May 01, 2008 Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky said, “Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him.” That will be our challenge this month as we study the “bad boys” of the Bible. The simple part is identifying the most infamous sinners in Scripture and pointing out what they...

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  • Devotions May 1, 2008

Devotion for May 09, 2008

May 9, 2008

Devotion for May 09, 2008 In 2002, George W. Bush initiated the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force to investigate and prosecute white-collar crimes like money laundering, accounting fraud, and insider trading. In the first five years of its existence, the task force secured the convictions of 214 CEOs and presidents, 53 CFOs, 23 corporate...

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  • Devotions May 9, 2008

Devotion for May 19, 2008

May 19, 2008

Devotion for May 19, 2008 The subprime mortgage crisis has hurt many people. In 2007, 1.3 million homes were subject to foreclosure, combining for a total of almost $300 billion in default payments. The customers, their lending agencies, and the investors in those markets all relied too heavily on the unknown—the cost of their commitment...

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  • Devotions May 19, 2008


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