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Devotion for Dec. 16, 2009

December 16, 2009

Devotion for Dec. 16, 2009 Some things just go together. In an exercise for youngsters, the teacher gives one word and the students respond with the appropriate match: peanut butter and jelly; lock and key; ball and glove; Bert and Ernie. These words seem incomplete without the other. This is true when we speak of our redemption in Christ.

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  • Devotions December 16, 2009

The Pride of Disordered Desire

September 8, 2014

The Pride of Disordered Desire “There is no fault which makes a man more unpopular, and no fault of which we are more unconscious of in ourselves. And the more we have it ourselves, the more we dislike it in others.” This fault to which C. S. Lewis refers in Mere Christianity is pride. “Pride leads to every other vice.” When desire is disordered,...

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  • Devotions September 8, 2014

The Doom of False Teachers

October 25, 2016

The Doom of False Teachers Many scholars think that the false teachers that concerned Peter were influenced by Epicurean philosophy, which rejected the notion of divine providence. Without the gods (or God) intervening in human affairs, there was also no divine judgment, and so the most important thing was to pursue and fulfill human desires.

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  • Devotions October 25, 2016

Our Hunger and God’s Supply

January 2, 2019

Our Hunger and God’s Supply Author Wendell Berry writes about agriculture, culture, and the decline of American farming. When people ask what to do in these areas, he replies, “Eat responsibly.” Humans are created to be more than consumers. After the judgment of the Flood, humanity was granted a new beginning, and with it came new instructions.

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  • Devotions January 2, 2019

Devotion for Feb. 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

Devotion for Feb. 22, 2011 Yesterday we mentioned our legacy from past people of faith who testify in support of our common hope. Today we begin to explore the catalog of witnesses in Hebrews 11, what is commonly referred to as the Hall of Faith. This chapter includes some of the most widely known heroes of the Old Testament, but the author...

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  • Devotions February 22, 2011

Hope and Expectation

July 14, 2015

Hope and Expectation The arrival of the President of the United States at formal functions is often announced by the anthem “Hail to the Chief.” Many Americans are familiar with the tune but they may not know that the song also has lyrics. The title comes from The Lady of the Lake, a poem by Sir Walter Scott. James Sanderson adapted a portion...

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  • Devotions July 14, 2015

2009 Through the Letters

May 1, 2010

From_the_Editors 2009 Through the Letters As we conclude the retrospective review of our readers’ letters, we’d like to mention a very special group of people—former Moody students. They are some of our most thorough and challenging readers. Their knowledge of the Word of God, combined with love and care for Moody, keeps us on our theological...

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  • From the Editors May 1, 2010

Question and Answer

June 1, 2014

Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6? Question and Answer Many people wonder about the statement that “the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose” (Gen. 6:2). It is said that out of these unions came the Nephilim, a supposed race of giants that corrupted the earth (Gen. 6:4).

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  • Q & A June 1, 2014

God’s Reluctant Preacher

October 10, 2015

God’s Reluctant Preacher Research shows that more people are afraid of public speaking than of dying! That was probably not the case for Jonah. He was a prophet from Gath Hepher who predicted the restoration of Israel’s boundaries from Lebo Hamath to the Dead Sea by Jeroboam II (2 Kings 14:25). He also engaged in one of the most successful...

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  • Devotions October 10, 2015

Teachings on the Coming End

April 25, 2014

Teachings on the Coming End Throughout history, countless men and women along with religious groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and “Moonies” have offered bold and foolish predictions about the exact timing of Christ’s return. So far, none of them have been right. Scripture does promise the return of Christ, but Jesus Himself said that only...

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  • Devotions April 25, 2014


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