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An Enemy Exposed

September 21, 2016

An Enemy Exposed One of the classic Looney Tunes cartoons involved a road runner and the coyote who wanted to catch him. Wile E. Coyote ordered ammunition and trapping devices from the Acme Corporation, certain that he could explode, capture, or otherwise destroy the Road Runner. But, in every episode, the Coyote always failed and ended up...

  • Topic:
  • Devotions September 21, 2016

An Incredible Credit

April 13, 2018

An Incredible Credit Credit cards have become an integral part of our modern economy. Every day, millions of Americans purchase groceries, furniture, and cars on credit. That purchase becomes a debt with a promise to pay back the lender. Maybe it should be called a “debt card”! In contrast, when you receive a credit to your account, it adds...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Forgiveness April 13, 2018

An Invitation to Rest

February 1, 2016

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), few Americans get enough sleep. As a result, they report, “Many people are carrying a heavy ‘sleep debt’ that they have built up from weeks, months or even years of inadequate sleep.”

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Rest February 1, 2016

An Active Agent

February 14, 2020

Have you ever floated down a lazy river, drifting along with the current? Sometimes our lives can be like that.

  • Topic:
  • Devotions February 14, 2020

An Unlikely Believer

April 19, 2020

Who are your heroes of faith? They may be martyrs who faced death for the sake of the gospel or missionaries who have endured hardship.

  • Topic:
  • Devotions April 19, 2020

An Unexpected Love

September 1, 2015

An Unexpected Love When in May of this year the Baltimore State’s Attorney announced charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, one charge in particular stood out. The driver of the police van in which Mr. Gray was fatally injured was charged with “second-degree depraved-heart murder.” Connecting criminal charges with...

  • Topic:
  • Monthly Issues September 1, 2015

An Unlikely Leader

May 1, 2020

Today_with_the_President An Unlikely Leader Tony attended the small church where I pastored. When I first met him he would show up on Sunday wearing a plain white T-shirt and a metal chain around his neck. He had grown up in a gypsy family on the South Side of Chicago. The good news was that our little church was growing! The bad news was...

  • Topic:
  • Today with the President May 1, 2020

I Have an App

February 15, 2021

Today's Single Christian

Available to Listen Now

What's the coolest thing you've ever done? Wait 'til you hear mine!

  • Topics:
  • Men
  • Singles
  • Women February 15, 2021

An Unusual Blessing: Part 1

August 26, 2018

Second-generation immigrants often struggle to know where they belong. In Affinity magazine, one second-generation teenager said: “I feel too American to be Chinese and too Chinese to be American.”

  • Topic:
  • Devotions August 26, 2018

Lessons from an Excellent Life

December 1, 2019

Lessons from an Excellent Life Jerry B. Lessons from an Excellent Life | Alumni | Moody Bible Institute What I learned from Dr. George Sweeting Jenkins During his long tenure as Moody's president, Dr. George Sweeting ’45 was known for his emphasis on excellence. Jerry B. Jenkins shares some of the lessons he learned from working with... December 1, 2019


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