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Question and Answer

October 1, 2009

Both my wife and I grew up in Christian families, and know what it means to have parents who loved God and loved us. My adult daughter was raised in what I always felt was a godly home. She was active in church, Sunday school and youth groups, and was actually a real leader. She graduated high school and went to a private college, not a Christian...

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  • Q & A October 1, 2009

Question and Answer

February 1, 2012

Countless missionaries and their ministries report incidences of very godly people and their children who go to bed at night hungry. David said, “I was young and now am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread” (Ps. 37:25). How does this fit with the reality that some born-again people are hungry today?

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  • Q & A February 1, 2012

Sunday Morning with Jack

November 16, 2017 November 16, 2017

Question and Answer

July 1, 2019

Since Jesus was raised from the dead on a Sunday morning, hasn't Sunday become the correct day of worship for Christians? Question and Answer There are only three New Testament passages which seem to make the case for Sunday worship. But a close examination shows that none of them supports this answer. First, Acts 20:7 describes Paul's farewell...

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  • Q & A July 1, 2019

Who Is this Jesus?

December 1, 2019

Who Is this Jesus? At Christmas, nativity scenes, Sunday School children’s plays, even carols like “Away in the Manger,” remind us that Christ was born as a baby. Because He is “fully human in every way,” Christ can understand and identify with our humanity. But we also know that He is fully God, making “atonement for the sins of the people”...

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Question and Answer

October 1, 2013

In Matthew 16:20, Christ tells His disciples not to say who He is. Was the reason that it was early in His ministry or was it because the time hadn’t come for them to say this before He was crucified? Question and Answer In answer to your question, the consensus among commentators is that this command was a necessary precaution for a particular...

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  • Q & A October 1, 2013

Question and Answer: How Old is the Earth?

February 28, 2021

I am a devout Christian. However, I struggle with those who use the literal interpretation of the Bible to conclude that the earth and all of creation is only about 10,000 years old.

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  • Redemption February 28, 2021

Question and Answer

November 1, 2006

Please pray for my family and me. We have been attending a local church for a little over a year now and have grown to enjoy our service there. Last week the age-old question came up about one’s salvation, and it has caused a dilemma that could possibly cause us to leave this church. Last year we became members of this church and our two daughters...

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  • Q & A November 1, 2006

Question and Answer

May 1, 2014

In a Bible Study last week, one of my friends said that Rahab, the woman who helped Israel bring down the walls of Jericho with the scarlet thread, was not just an innkeeper but was also a harlot, a prostitute. Can that be true? Question and Answer Yes, women who were innkeepers then were often prostitutes. This woman had heard already (possibly...

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  • Q & A May 1, 2014

Question and Answer

June 1, 2006

How can I get my husband to tithe? I wrote a budget with tithing first on the list, but he does not believe it is necessary. He was always taught that what you give to God is between you and God. I have prayed about this. I want us as a married couple and new parents to live with God at the center and do what He wants us to do and I want my...

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  • Q & A June 1, 2006


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