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A Study in Contrasts

June 7, 2017

A Study in Contrasts The use of contrasts can be a powerful artistic technique. By bringing together two sharply different colors or by juxtaposing two radically opposite images, the artist can jolt the viewer into paying attention, and a writer can alert a reader to key point. The use of contrasts works in our text today as well. Yesterday’s...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Love June 7, 2017

God of the Bible

February 3, 2013

God of the Bible The Internet has become the primary research source for a majority of students. Easy access makes it a convenient tool. Yet information gleaned from the Internet is only as reliable as the source of that information. Not all Web pages are trustworthy! What about the Bible? How reliable is it as a source of information about...

  • Topic:
  • Devotions February 3, 2013

Lay Hold of the Bible

January 5, 2020

Lay Hold of the Bible Before becoming the fourth president of Moody Bible Institute, William Henry “Will” Houghton pastored several churches in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and New York. Biographer Wilbur Smith said of him, “Two primary passions possessed the soul of Will Houghton: evangelism and the study of the Word of God.” Houghton’s legacy...

  • Topic:
  • Devotions January 5, 2020

Men, Women, and Worship

May 5, 2020

In 2006, a team of researchers studied two elementary schools at recess. One had a fence around their playground, the other did not. The children from the unfenced playground stayed more packed together and closer to the teacher. The children in the fenced playground roamed the whole space, feeling free to explore. Having clear boundaries...

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  • Devotions May 5, 2020

Congregational Worship and Women

July 7, 2013

Congregational Worship and Women In 1 Timothy, Paul seems to have in mind a type of person whom some refer to as the “new Roman woman.” At the time of this epistle, a social revolution was taking place in some women’s behavior. According to scholar Scot McKnight, these women wore “immodest, sexually provocative, and extravagant dress.” They...

  • Topic:
  • Devotions July 7, 2013

Jesus and John: A Study in Dietary Contrasts

February 16, 2015

Jesus and John: A Study in Dietary Contrasts The famous French gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once said, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” Food does have an extraordinary capacity to both shape us into certain kinds of people and also to reveal our biographies. A predilection for fried green tomatoes, for example,...

  • Topic:
  • Devotions February 16, 2015

Devotion for October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

Devotion for October 31, 2008 A humorous essay titled, “Forty-Seven Church Splits Finally Bring Doctrinal Perfection,” chronicles some of the reasons for the church splits in the fictitious Centerville Presbyterian Church. One split occurred after a disagreement over when to have the offering; another split resulted from an argument over...

  • Topic:
  • Devotions October 31, 2008

Daily Devotional

January 4, 2021

A daily devotional Bible study brought to you from Moody Bible Institute. Let us help you grow in your understanding of the Bible.

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  • Devotions January 4, 2021

A Person of Prayer

April 30, 2021

Daily devotional Bible study from Moody Bible Institute: Dutch Christian and Holocaust survivor Corrie Ten Boom was known as a woman of prayer.

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Prayer
  • Bible Study
  • Spiritual Growth April 30, 2021

Practice: Mutual and Wifely Submission

January 24, 2018

Practice: Mutual and Wifely Submission The idea that wives should submit to their husbands is controversial and countercultural in our day. People think it implies that women are somehow inferior to men, or that the Bible endorses male abuse of power. But that’s not what Scripture means at all! The Word is quite clear that both men and women...

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Salvation January 24, 2018


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