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Israeli Tourism: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

May 22, 2021

The Land and the Book

Available to Listen Now

​In 2018, Israel welcomed 4.1 million international tourists. In 2019, the numbers swelled to 4.6 million. 2020 started with a bang and then….Coronavirus happened—and everything shut down. So...When will Israel reopen to travelers? And how has the tourism industry managed to survive? Get the bigger picture on this... May 22, 2021

Hour 1: A Forever Marriage - Hour 2: Mystery and Mythology

October 1, 2020

In the Market with Janet Parshall

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What happens when a kingdom man marries a kingdom woman? Today our guest will help couples grow together as a kingdom couple to fulfill God’s design and purpose for their marriage. Through practical insights and powerful stories, this powerful Bible teacher and pastor will inspire and instruct so couples will discover the hope, challenge,... October 1, 2020

Made Perfect Forever

April 9, 2018

Made Perfect Forever A shadow is the dark shape created when light is blocked by an opaque object—maybe even yourself. Your shadow is not simply flat, as the image on the sidewalk might suggest, but occupies the three-dimensional airspace between you and the pavement. A shadow is not, however, a separate entity. It is wholly dependent on... April 9, 2018

Daily Devotional | Our Forever Home

January 30, 2021

In today's daily devotional from Moody Bible Institute...This past summer, my family moved from Texas to Indiana. We finally settled in after several long months of renovations.

  • Topics:
  • Devotions
  • Christianity
  • Identity
  • New Year
  • New Creation
  • Christian
  • Future January 30, 2021

God’s Word Stands Forever

September 30, 2012

God’s Word Stands Forever For many American filmgoers, a happy ending is the best ending—all problems resolved, all relationships mended. The ending of the book of Jeremiah, however, doesn’t classify as a warm and fuzzy finale. What lessons should we take away from this reiteration of the fall of Jerusalem under Babylon? The ending of Jeremiah...

  • Topic:
  • Devotions September 30, 2012

New Inheritance: The Forever of Home

November 30, 2015

New Inheritance: The Forever of Home In December 2006, Katie Davis traveled from her Tennessee hometown to Uganda. She returned the following summer and stayed for good. Since that time, she has started initiatives to feed many of the impoverished children as well as send them to school. Katie has also adopted thirteen daughters. “I am not...

  • Topic:
  • Devotions November 30, 2015

FamilyLife Today

June 13, 2019

Fun, engaging conversations about what it takes to build stronger, healthier marriage and family relationships. Join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson with FamilyLife Today veteran cohost Bob Lepine for new episodes every weekday. June 13, 2019

Haven Today

June 13, 2019

Every day, Charles Morris speaks with warmth and spiritual insight to people who need Jesus. Haven Today calls us to the only lasting resolution to life's problems - the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every day's program is fresh, relatable and engaging, taking a cue from the headlines and addressing today's concerns. June 13, 2019

Question and Answer | Forever in Heaven

May 1, 2021

Daily devotional questions and answers from Moody Bible Institute: Will some people (souls) live forever in heaven?

  • Topics:
  • Q & A
  • Redemption
  • Christ's Return
  • Heaven May 1, 2021

Question and Answer | Forever in Hell

May 1, 2021

Daily devotional questions and answers from Moody Bible Institute: Will some people (souls) live forever in hell?

  • Topics:
  • Q & A
  • Christianity
  • The Gospel
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Redemption
  • Christ's Return
  • Hell May 1, 2021


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