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Work at Moody

Impact the world for Christ, at work

When you work at Moody, you help others apply the truth of God's Word to daily life . . . just by going to work each day.

Moody Bible Institute professor Elizabeth Smith teaching undergraduate students


Moody is driven by the belief that people committed to living and declaring the Word of God can actually change the world.

Since our founding by D.L. Moody in 1886, Moody Bible Institute has committed to equipping people across the globe, cultures and generations to take the next step toward spiritual maturity.

Moody Bible Institute professor Elizabeth Smith teaching undergraduate students


When you work for one of Moody's ministries—EducationRadioPublishers or Operations—you help people take the next step in their walk with Christ.

Our students, listeners and readers seek a deeper understanding of the Word of God. Each ministry of Moody enables them to apply it to everyday life and ministry.

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Moody Bible Institute professor Elizabeth Smith teaching undergraduate students

Biblical Foundation

Everything we do is built upon the solid truths of the Bible. For more than 130 years, Christ-followers at Moody have committed themselves to studying the Bible and compassionately sharing it with the world.

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Moody Bible Institute professor Elizabeth Smith teaching undergraduate students

Doctrinal Beliefs

Throughout its history, Moody has held to biblical orthodoxy.

To maintain continuity with this heritage, Moody expects employees to support Moody's doctrinal guidelines, as defined in the Institutional Positions Related to the Moody Bible Institute Doctrinal Statement (1928).

Moody Bible Institute professor Elizabeth Smith teaching undergraduate students

Eternal Purpose

There's a reason why you choose to bring your career to Moody. It doesn't matter who you are or what your role. From our faculty and radio personalities on the front lines of ministry, to our business professionals supporting the bottom line. From our customer service representatives answering calls, to our facilities and administrative support employees.

Everyone at Moody plays a vital role in impacting the world for Christ.

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Students and Faculty
Moody Bible Institute's main undergraduate and seminary campus is located in the heart of the diverse, global city of Chicago. The school hosts a population of over 250 international students, "missionary kids" and faculty from more than six continents and 50 countries, including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, South Korea, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

God has instilled talents and differences in all of us. Moody values those differences, believing a diverse community creates a dynamic work environment. 

Our core beliefs, values and goals align closely with a diverse employee base, including:

  • Our vision to reach across the globe, cultures and generations to equip believers with the truth of God's Word

  • Our belief in the worth and dignity of the individual, based on God's creation of man in His image (Genesis 1:26-27)

  • Our understanding of the church as a body, with different members of varied strengths (1 Corinthians 12:12-14)

Moody is committed to building a workplace of diversity. Since its founding, Moody has helped people from all walks of life understand and apply the Bible. Based on this mission, we value the contributions of employees of various ages, nationalities, cultural backgrounds, races and gender.

The rich diversity of our organization reflects the diversity of the people we serve each day. We have an obligation and calling to create a culturally inclusive environment.

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Culture and People

Because of Moody's biblical mission, you share with your coworkers an understanding of your job's enduring impact. Your common faith allows for deeper relationships with your colleagues. Your common goal—reaching others for Christ—invites more meaningful partnerships.

Department devotions and prayer before meetings are regular occurrences at Moody.

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Moody Bible Institute professor Elizabeth Smith teaching undergraduate students

Work / Life Balance

We empower each other to be the healthiest we can be because when we are at our personal best so is our ministry.

Spiritual Development
Every Tuesday when school is in session, employees are invited to join our student body in chapel, led by our president. Each February, employees are also welcome to attend sessions of Founder's Week—an on-campus Bible conference that attracts leading teachers and preachers from around the world. 

Physical Health
Employee membership is free to the Solheim Center, our indoor athletic facility in Chicago. Annual health screenings and reduced health insurance premiums are offered to eligible full-time employees.

Moody Bible Institute professor Elizabeth Smith teaching undergraduate students


Moody offers full-time employees a retirement savings plan; term, disability, and health insurance; education and publishers discounts; 12 paid holidays; paid time off, and more.

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