NTSB Final Report

09 December, 2020

Dear Moody Family,

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released their Final Report about the accident involving one of our Moody Aviation airplanes (N24442) on July 13, 2018. It provides factual findings regarding what occurred, along with their determination of the probable cause of the accident.

I appreciate your patience during their investigation process, as well as your prayerful support of our Moody Aviation family and the widows of Joochan (Austen) Lee, Diego Senn, and Andrew Trouten. I encourage you to take time to read the tribute to these men that was written back in 2018, and be reminded of the example they are to all of us. Andrew, Austen, and Diego were men who were passionate to serve our King. Their dedication to Christ continues to impact the lives of the team at Moody Aviation, and their lives have inspired many to courageously represent our Savior to a world which desperately needs Him.

You can download a PDF version of the Final Report from the NTSB’s website. In the Final Report, the NTSB determined the probable cause of the accident to be:

“An in-flight breakup as a result of the airplane exceeding the structural strength of the airplane during a rapid descent that the flight instructor was unable to recover from following a collision with a large bird.”

Senior leadership, along with the staff and faculty of Moody Aviation, are carefully reading through the report. We are deeply grateful for the NTSB’s hard work.

Our hearts continue to grieve with the loved ones, and I ask that you especially pray for them and our Moody Aviation family as they process this report and remember that day.


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Dr. Mark Jobe