“Ends of the Earth” Coming to Movie Theaters Nationwide

16 August, 2021
An airplane landing on a strip in the mountains with the title "Ends of the Earth" in white

Moody Bible Institute is excited to partner with Change Media and Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) on a new documentary that is coming to theaters and churches this fall. The film, Ends of the Earth, gives viewers a face-to-face look at remote villages, breathtaking landscapes, and the incredible people who are willing to risk it all to follow Jesus’ final command to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Showing audiences the unexpected ways God can use people’s passions to transform lives, Ends of the Earth explores stories of faith, calling, and adventure by weaving together the true stories of past and present MAF pilots, including a Moody alum, Nathan Fogerlie, who strive with other missionaries, churches, and organizations to fulfill the Great Commission, and to bring the love of Jesus to isolated communities across the globe.

Watch the trailer for Ends of the Earth and purchase tickets for a showing near you.

Interviews throughout the film feature Christian leaders, including Dr. Mark Jobe, president of Moody Bible Institute, and David Holsten, MAF president. At the conclusion, Dr. Jobe and Mr. Holsten sit down for an exclusive discussion about the Great Commission and the calling of every Christian regardless of their profession.

A documentary exploring faith, passion and how hope emerges from tragedy, Ends of the Earth weaves together true stories of MAF pilots — past and present — who strive with missionaries and local believers to take the gospel to the most remote places on earth. The film will also feature Pastor David Platt, Founder of Radical, which trains and equips churches and followers of Christ to spread the Gospel across the globe.

“We believe that every follower of Christ should have a passion for missions,” said Mission Aviation Fellowship President and CEO David Holsten. “Some will be called to go, others will be called to use their gifts to support, and all are called to pray that people will accept the life-changing salvation that comes through Jesus Christ.”

As a longtime ministry partner of Moody Aviation, MAF operates a global fleet of aircrafts to help doctors, aid workers, churches, missionaries, and other humanitarian organizations deliver needed supplies to isolated people while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. For more information, visit www.maf.org.

“We are excited about the next generation of men and women at Moody ready to fulfill their purpose and calling,” said ​​President of Moody Bible Institute, Dr. Mark Jobe. “And, we are praying fervently that the Lord uses this powerful film to inspire some of them as mission aviators to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth! Moody looks forward to building our strong partnership with MAF in our efforts to make the gospel available to every person.” 

“This is an important film that will challenge and inspire audiences,” Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt added. “Fathom is thrilled to be partnering with Collide again to give this documentary a nationwide platform and to expand our inspirational and documentary offerings to cinema audiences.” 

Ends of the Earth film poster

Buy Tickets: Ends of the Earth is coming to theaters and churches for two nights only on Monday, October 18, and Thursday, October 21, at 7 p.m. (local times). For more information about the film, to see a preview, and purchase tickets for a theater near you, visit www.endsoftheearthmovie.com.