Moody Radio’s New Living by Faith Program Offers Hope and Encouragement

02 November, 2023
Trillia Newbell

Trillia Newbell reaches people who are curious about living out their faith in a secular world


Living By Faith, a new program in the Moody Radio weekend lineup, encourages listeners to take God at His word as they navigate the challenges of daily life.

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Debuting in July 2023, Living by Faith can be heard every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. (CST) and features host Trillia Newbell, longtime Moody Publishers’ author and host of the 52 Weeks in the Word podcast.

Through Living by Faith, Trillia offers listeners both lively interviews and encouraging storytelling as she opens the Bible, engages with special guests, and inspires her audience with stories of hope and truth.

Living by Faith creates a platform where program guests and listeners have meaningful, in-depth discussions about the relevant issues that Christians face every day.

“In thinking of the direction for the show, I asked myself, ‘What am I about? What’s my heartbeat?’” Trillia said. “And the answer was clear: discipleship! I knew I could best serve my listeners by helping them to live out their faith. So that’s how Living by Faith was born.”

Through an engaging and lively format, Trillia tackles topics such as general discipleship, spiritual disciplines, dealing with adversity, parenting, stress, sickness, relational discord, and more. Designed to reach people who are curious about living out their faith in a secular world, Living by Faith offers listeners a thematic approach to the gospel.

The 54-minute program dives deep into everyday family issues through the perspective of an author, wife, and mother who is eager to explore issues of faith, family, and diversity.

Trillia serves as the acquisitions director at Moody Publishers. She has also authored several books of her own, including  A Great Cloud of Witnesses, Sacred EnduranceIf God Is for UsFear and Faith, and the children's books Creative GodColorful Us and God’s Very Good Idea.

In planning topics for her new Moody Radio program, Trillia asked herself, “What are the felt needs of our listeners? What wisdom or insight is the audience looking or longing for?”

So far, that approach seems to be connecting with the Living by Faith audience in a big way. “The prayer requests from callers have been in line with the topics we’re seeking to address on the show,” she said. “It has confirmed to us that the issues we’ve been discussing are the ones our audience continues to wrestle with. I’m encouraged that so far we seem to be connecting with our listeners.”

Trillia doesn’t shy away from tough conversations. Whether it’s an interview about suffering, a conversation about prayer, or an inside look into her own marriage, Trillia keeps the listeners engaged through her friendly, approachable style.

“It’s been such a blessing getting to invite and interact with guests who I know will encourage and engage the audience,” said Trillia. “So far it’s been a lot of fun, and we have many more [programs] to come!”

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