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Devotion for March 20, 2010

March 20, 2010

Devotion for March 20, 2010 Bill Lear, founder of the Lear Jet Corporation, named his daughter Shanda. The actor Rob Morrow gave his daughter the name Tu. And the daughter of the former governor of Texas had the name Ima Hogg. Our passage today includes questions about what to name a baby. This beautiful, humorous story also underscores God’s...

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  • Devotions March 20, 2010

Return to the Lord

July 1, 2019

Return to the Lord Many drivers rely on the help of a GPS (Global Positioning System) device to get to their destination. The beauty of this technology is that it adapts to your mistakes. When you make a wrong turn, it tells you what you need to do to return to the right path. The Bible does the same for us. When we stray from God's path,...

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  • Devotions July 1, 2019

A Prophet’s Visions

March 24, 2018

A Prophet’s Visions Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said he was standing in grove of trees in western New York State when God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him. From this vision, Smith taught that God the Father had a physical body and that the Mormon religion was the only path to salvation.

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  • Sovereignty March 24, 2018

Devotion for August 02, 2006

August 2, 2006

Devotion for August 02, 2006 For Zechariah, this was literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The week-long duties of his priestly division occurred twice each year, but the personal selection to enter the Holy Place of the temple for the burning of incense was allowed only once for a priest. He knew he would be seeing something new—but...

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  • Devotions August 2, 2006

Rest from Our Enemies

February 21, 2016

Rest from Our Enemies President Richard Nixon kept an infamous “enemies list,” detailed in a memo from former advisor Charles Colson. Nixon’s enemies were in fact people that he didn’t like—and this is probably true of many of the people we would consider to be our enemies today. They are either those we don’t like or those who don’t like...

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  • Devotions
  • Rest February 21, 2016

Devotion for August 04, 2006

August 4, 2006

Devotion for August 04, 2006 Apple, Moon Unit, and Suri don’t appear on too many “Most Popular Baby Name” lists, but because of the celebrity parents of those children, the choice of names had a lot of people talking. John the Baptist’s parents weren’t exactly celebrities, but the dramatic events surrounding the selection of John’s name drew...

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  • Devotions August 4, 2006

The Spirit of Grace

July 26, 2019

The Spirit of Grace One of my favorite professors in college was Dr. Goldman, a rabbi who liked to bait me in class. During one session I determined not to say anything for the whole period. Finally, I couldn’t resist. “What took you so long?” Dr. Goldman said with a smile. “I’ve been trying to get you to talk the whole hour.” I tried to...

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  • Devotions July 26, 2019

A Humble King Arrives

December 13, 2016

A Humble King Arrives When the Jews successfully revolted against their Seleucid oppressors in the second century b.c., they brought palm branches to Jerusalem in celebration. Later, palm branches would appear on Jewish coins commemorating their revolt against Rome. Within ancient Jewish history, palm branches symbolized victory and nationalism.

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  • Devotions
  • Minor Prophets December 13, 2016


July 21, 2019

Homecoming One summer after a long vacation trip, my five-year-old son Drew recognized the large grain silo that marked the edge of our town. “Hooray!” he cheered. “We are at the end of home!” There is nothing quite like coming home. The Jewish exiles felt a great longing to return to Jerusalem. Not just because it was their home, but also...

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  • Devotions July 21, 2019

Devotion for December 09, 2008

December 9, 2008

Devotion for December 09, 2008 Abraham’s and Sarah’s early responses to God’s pledge that they would have a son and become a great nation were something less than faith-filled. Abraham, for example, pointed out to God that in his currently childless family, one of his servants stood to inherit everything (Gen. 15:1–3). And Sarah is famous...

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  • Devotions December 9, 2008


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